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SAF-T-BAR Electrification


Discover our SAF-T-BAR: the energy solution for cranes

The excellence of SAF-T-BAR: cost effective and reliable

Discover our selection of SAF-T-BAR solutions. 
Created to offer worthwile and safe solutions for the electrification of small to large cranes, you will find a selection of conductor bars for all your necessities. 
With its C shape, the Series C SAF-T-BAR will allow you to have a right and correct contact through the whole system.
Provided with a push-pin joint system, it is really easy to install and will fit straight away your equipments. 
You can be certain that the skin tight insulation will not get deformed under the pressure of clamps.
Browse our range of C Series SAF-T-BAR and accessories.  
Just like the Series C SAF-T-BAR, the H SERIES SAF-T-BAR has a skin tight insulation that ensures you it will not be deformes under any clamp pressure. 
Thanks to its metal guidaways, the tracking of collector shoe is ensured whether you mounted or not an insulating cover. 
Thanks to its H shape, it enjoys a flat contact insert made of stainless steel that ensures you a bigger resistance to corrosion and a longer conductor wear.
Have a look at our selection of H SERIES SAF-T-BAR
Alike the Series C and H, the J SERIES SAF-T-BAR can be installed on any plane or crane.
Thanks to its bolted joint, it represents a strong and unceasing conductor solution for your necessities. 
Once again, like the Series H Conductor Bar, thanks to its construction in strainless steel and its flat contact insert, it is more resistant to corrosion especially in wet environments. 
Check out our J SERIES SAF-T-BAR range
The SERIES T SAF-T-BAR is the modular desgined solution for all your needs. easier to fit with any equipment, the T Series Conductor Bar allows you a perfect collector tracking thanks to its internal contact groove. 
Easy to use, its double shoes, the T SERIES conductor ensures you a perfect alignment of the contact of any crane. 
Once gain, it will not be deformed under clamp pressure thank to its skin tight insulation which runs cooler. 
Browse our selection of T-SERIES SAF-T-BAR and make sure to look at our other SAF-T-BAR items & equipments