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TE301CR: 30 Amp Short Shoe Collector
(Code: IPC0400101)
US$ 131.85
In Stock
TE501CR: 50 Amp Standard Collector
(Code: IPC0400102)
US$ 129.25
In Stock
TH101: Single Hanger Clamp
(Code: IPC0400118)
US$ 7.15
In Stock
TH201: Double Hanger Clamp
(Code: IPC0400119)
US$ 11.65
In Stock
TH301: Triple Hanger Clamp
(Code: IPC0400120)
US$ 14.65
In Stock
TH402: Quad Hanger Clamp
(Code: IPC0400121)
US$ 22.75
In Stock
TH502: Five Conductor Hanger Clamp
(Code: IPC0400122)
US$ 24.75
In Stock
TH101K: Hanger Clamp With Insulator
(Code: IPC0400128)
US$ 12.70
In Stock
R500: Hanger Insulator
(Code: IPC0400129)
US$ 4.60
In Stock
35S: 35 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400223)
US$ 14.00
In Stock
70S: 70 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400225)
US$ 17.50
In Stock
707S: Collector Case With 70 Amp Shoe
(Code: IPC0400227)
US$ 56.50
In Stock
100S: 100 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400230)
US$ 37.40
In Stock
100XX: 100 Amp Abrasive Cleaning Shoe
(Code: IPC0400231)
US$ 67.20
In Stock
150S1: 150 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400232)
US$ 37.40
In Stock
150XX: 150 Amp Abrasive Cleaning Shoe
(Code: IPC0400233)
US$ 31.20
In Stock
150A: Case For 150 Amp Shoe
(Code: IPC0400235)
US$ 36.45
In Stock
150AS: 150 Amp Case and Shoe Assembly
(Code: IPC0400236)
US$ 82.40
In Stock
100P: Snap-In Hanger Clamp (Lexan)
(Code: IPC0400264)
US$ 6.55
In Stock
100PH: Snap-In Hanger with Rain Cover
(Code: IPC0400269)
US$ 11.05
In Stock
100Q: Hanger Clamp Spool
(Code: IPC0400270)
US$ 9.40
In Stock
13082: 30 Amp "C" Base Tandem Collector
(Code: IPC0550003)
US$ 191.15
In Stock