Duct-O-Bar Electrification

Duct-O-Wire Conductor Bar

Crane Controls.com stocks an extensive range of reliable mobile electrification systems from  Duct-O-Wire for overhead cranes, trolleys, monorails, hoists and conveyors.
Duct-O-Wire Figure-8 bars are rated at 600 volts. Systems require a insulating cover for indoor, outdoor, or high temperature environments, splice cover, connector pins and joint clamps.
Indoor systems are suitable for ambient temperatures up to 160°F and are outfitted with an orange PVC insulating cover. Duct-O-Wire outdoor systems are also suitable for temperatures up to 160°F. However, they have a gray PVC insulating cover with an ultraviolet additive for use in direct sunlight. High temperature systems (ambient temperatures up to 280°F) have a yellow polycarbonate insulating cover.