Duct-O-Wire Pendants


Discover our range of Duct-O-Wire Pendant Control Stations

Duct-O-Wire Push Button Pendants

Crane Controls offers the widest selection of the market of pendant stations with the Duct O Wire Pendants. 
Whether you need a simplistic push button pendant with just a few buttons or a complete and complex ones for bigger and more complex applications, Duct-O-Wire Pendants will be the solution. 
Crane Controls is a proud distributor of this big range of high-quality pendants:
  • The Duct O Wire L-Series Pendants enjoys a cord grip for 4 to 24 conductor cables, a slim or deep back profile, an useful strain relief hook, neoprene boots that can be replaced when used;
  • The Duct O Wire Pendant Model J offers a superior resistance, is light and durable thanks to its polypropylene enclosure and is really visible and safe thanks to its bright yellow color;
  • The RPB Push Button Pendant Series is made of steel for a better protection of the buttons, features single or two speed actions, different swtiches (momentary or maintained);
  • The RPS Pendant Series is defined by its push button and its variable speed features. On top of that, it offers an empty accessory area for any necessities.
Many other products from Duct-O-Wire are available. 
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