Micro Speed CX Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) by Power Electronics are designed specifically for cranes, hoists, conveyors, pumps, and other high-reliability projects.
The Micro-Speed CX VFD's come in various models such as the Micro-Speed CXR, the Micro-Speed CXRH, the Micro-Speed CXRP and the Micro-Speed CXR/CXRH
The Micro-Speed CX are heavy-duty industrial VFD's with the highest temperature and current ratings in the industry!
Refer to this page for a more in-depth break-down of each Power Electronics Variable Frequency Drive Model.
M723CXR: 24 Amp 7.5HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600105)
US$ 1,760.00
In Stock
M1023CXR: 32 Amp 10HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600107)
US$ 1,980.00
In Stock
M1523CXR: 48 Amp 15HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600109)
US$ 4,730.00
In Stock
M2023CXR: 56 Amp 20HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600111)
US$ 6,352.50
In Stock
M2523CXR: 68 Amp 25HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600113)
US$ 7,370.00
In Stock
M3023CXR: 95 Amp 30HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600115)
US$ 8,470.00
In Stock
M4023CXR: 119 Amp 40HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600117)
US$ 10,670.00
In Stock
M5023CXR: 141 Amp 50HP 208V - 240V VFD
(Code: IPC0600119)
US$ 12,320.00
In Stock
M746CXR: 12.5 Amp 7.5HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600125)
US$ 2,012.95
In Stock
M1046CXR: 16.5 Amp 10HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600127)
US$ 2,550.80
In Stock
M1546CXR: 24 Amp 15HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600129)
US$ 4,158.00
In Stock
M2046CXR: 29 Amp 20HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600131)
US$ 5,094.60
In Stock
M2546CXR: 35 Amp 25HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600133)
US$ 5,665.00
In Stock
M3046CXR: 45 Amp 30HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600135)
US$ 6,490.00
In Stock
M4046CXR: 56 Amp 40HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600137)
US$ 10,560.00
In Stock
M5046CXR: 68 Amp 50HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600139)
US$ 12,320.00
In Stock
M6046CXR: 82 Amp 60HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600141)
US$ 13,860.00
In Stock
M7546CXR: 100 Amp 75HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600143)
US$ 15,290.00
In Stock
M10046CXR: 131 Amp 100HP 480V VFD
(Code: IPC0600145)
US$ 16,390.00
In Stock
M757CXR: 9.7 Amp 7.5HP 575V VFD
(Code: IPC0600151)
US$ 2,705.40
In Stock
M1057CXR: 13 Amp 10HP 575V VFD
(Code: IPC0600153)
US$ 3,145.25
In Stock
M1557CXR: 19 Amp 15HP 575V VFD
(Code: IPC0600155)
US$ 4,042.50
In Stock
M2057CXR: 23 Amp 20HP 575V VFD
(Code: IPC0600157)
US$ 4,966.55
In Stock
M2557CXR: 28 Amp 25HP 575V VFD
(Code: IPC0600159)
US$ 5,830.00
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