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Machine and Chip Protection offers top of the line machine protection solutions from Kabelschlepp for protecting guideways on machine tools. Way wipers from Kabelschlepp feature replaceable wiper lips so that once worn down, only the lip needs to be exchanged. Way wipers are resistance to alkaline substances, amino acids, petrol and hydrolysis, as well as oxygen, ozone and UV rays.
What is the difference between BA way wipers and BAS way wipers?
BA way wipers are used primarily for tight installation conditions or used is areas where the path way wiper is can be protected by a telescopic cover, bellows or a link apron or where no shavings can occur. BAS way wipers are constructed of lightweight aluminum with a built in protector. These are usually used for direct chip waste where there are no hot chips.
MA-8: 8mm Box Cover x 500mm
(Code: IPC1210105)
US$ 128.15
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MA-12: 12mm Box Cover x 500mm
(Code: IPC1210107)
US$ 149.20
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