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80 Series Pendants

The Insul-8 company provides top quality, ergonomic and durable pendants for your every need.
Conductix-Wampfler has been assembling top quality, ergonomic pendants for over 30 years!
The Conductix-Wampfler 80 Series push button pendants come customizable, from 2-12 buttons, and even 24 buttons with a duplex configuration!
This series can be used from workstations to assembly lines! The 80 Series is ideal for control over conveyors, hoists, overhead cranes, monorails and elevators, and other industrial machines.
34274: 2-button enclosure
(Code: IPC0801053)
US$ 78.80
In Stock
34275: 4-button enclosure
(Code: IPC0801054)
US$ 121.75
In Stock
34276: 6-button enclosure
(Code: IPC0801055)
US$ 179.05
In Stock
34277: 6-button enclosure (deep back)
(Code: IPC0801056)
US$ 154.30
In Stock
34278: 6-button enclosure (large inlet)
(Code: IPC0801057)
US$ 181.15
In Stock
34280: 8-button enclosure
(Code: IPC0801059)
US$ 237.40
In Stock