Emergency Stop

TER Charlie Pendant

The Charlie Pendant by TER operates as an auxiliary controller of electrical motors through various power interfaces such as PLC’s or conductors.
The Charlie pendant has your convenience in mind since it does not require tools to access the contact elements within the enclosure.
The pistol-grip model combines its easy-to-hold design and its lightweight body in order to serve your comfort.
PF39020002: Two Speed Charlie Pendant
(Code: IPC0800003)
US$ 150.85
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PRSL1000PI: NO Switch for E-Stop
(Code: IPC0800005)
US$ 49.95
In Stock
PRSL1001PI: NC Switch for E-Stop
(Code: IPC0800006)
US$ 48.50
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PRPS0025PE: Spiral Cable Clamp
(Code: IPC0800060)
US$ 18.85
In Stock
PRPS0031PE: Cable Clamp
(Code: IPC0800061)
US$ 13.95
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PRGA0015PE: Hook
(Code: IPC0800062)
US$ 19.75
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PRSL1023PI: Blanking Plug
(Code: IPC0800151)
US$ 33.60
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PRSL1012PI: Red Pilot Light
(Code: IPC0800152)
US$ 66.15
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PRSL1013PI: Yellow Pilot Light
(Code: IPC0800153)
US$ 66.15
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PRSL1014PI: Green Pilot Light
(Code: IPC0800154)
US$ 66.15
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PRSL1004PI: Lamp Holder
(Code: IPC0800161)
US$ 66.15
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