Series C SAF-T-BAR

Series C energy supply systems are suitable for cranes, conveyors, hoists, monorails, automated storage and retrieval systems and other electrification applications that have current requirements from 100 Amps to 350 Amps.
The Series C Conductor can be mounted in any plane. In wet and icy atmospheres, the system can be shielded with a protective hood. 
35S: 35 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400223)
US$ 19.55
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70S: 70 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400225)
US$ 18.00
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707S: Collector Case With 70 Amp Shoe
(Code: IPC0400227)
US$ 52.30
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100S: 100 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400230)
US$ 20.25
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100XX: 100 Amp Abrasive Cleaning Shoe
(Code: IPC0400231)
US$ 67.20
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150S1: 150 Amp Contact Shoe
(Code: IPC0400232)
US$ 37.35
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150XX: 150 Amp Abrasive Cleaning Shoe
(Code: IPC0400233)
US$ 31.25
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150A: Case For 150 Amp Shoe
(Code: IPC0400235)
US$ 36.40
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150AS: 150 Amp Case and Shoe Assembly
(Code: IPC0400236)
US$ 82.45
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350F: 300 Amp Power Feed
(Code: IPC0400253)
US$ 26.30
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350MCM-2: 350 Amp Power Feed
(Code: IPC0400254)
US$ 41.95
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