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70LL: 140 Amp Long Arm Tandem Collector With Lead Wire

Saf-T-Bar Series C Collector - Part No. 70LL

The Howell Series C Saf-T-Bar Collector 70LL is a self lubrificating copper graphite shoe clamped in an insulating housing  (the collector head) and held firmly against the conductor bar a pantograph spring linkage. This collector is from leading manufacturer Wampfler Conductix. 

Discover the SAF-T-BAR Conductor Bar C Series

✔ Crimp type lugs are furnished for electrical connection to the shoe.

How does this long arm tandem collector work?

The tandem collector head pivots at shoe contact height so that the shoe glides along the conductor and maintains full face contact.

Different Ampere ratings are achieved with different matched shoes and springs. These, along with two basic linkages, make up various collectors in the Series C line. The linkages are fabricated of aluminum alloy or injection molded high impact plastics, double insulated design and include spring arm with the collector head and yoke swiveled at one end. The spring arm swivels in a base to provide for horizontal misalignment. The base clamps to a 1" square bar.

The spring allows for vertical misalignment, applies constant pressure to the collector shoe throughout the stroke. 35 Amp collectors negotiate curves down to 18" radius. 70 Amp and 100 Amp collectors down to 36" radius.

150 Amp collectors are designed for straight runs only.

Crane Controls stocks the full range of Saf-T Bar Series C Collectors.