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TER NPA Pendant

Discover TER Pendant Controls

Crane Controls offers an extensive collection of pendant controls that is sure to have a solution to fit your specific application, including brands such as TER, Duct-O-Wire, Insul-8 and Power Engineering.
TER's NPA pendant stations are for auxiliary control of industrial machines. The pendant device is sturdy and handy, NPA is a classic control station, available with plastic pushbuttons or with dust-tight rubber pushbuttons, with up to 3 speed switches. The cable sleeve can be angled up to 20 degree to give the operator the best view of all the control elements and enable a natural, comfortable working position.
PRSL0517PI: Blanking Plug
(Code: IPC0800218)
US$ 32.00
PRGA0051PE: Lower Hook
(Code: IPC0800221)
US$ 22.00
PRGA0001PE: Upper Hook
(Code: IPC0800235)
US$ 11.00
PRTO6626PE: Wire Fixing
(Code: IPC0800238)
US$ 9.35
PRSL9210AU: Cable Clamp
(Code: IPC0800242)
US$ 7.95