Emergency Stop

TER SPA Pendant

The SPA Pendant by TER operates as an auxiliary controller of electrical motors through various power interfaces such as PLC’s or conductors.
The SPA’s dual column design allows for the shorter pendant to fit more actuators.  
The high-quality materials support its wear resistant features which add to this pendants durability since it can withstand dusty and wet conditions.
PF02020007: 2 Button SPA (2 x 1 Speed)
(Code: IPC0800301)
US$ 284.00
In Stock
PF02040063: 4 Button SPA (4 x 1 Speed)
(Code: IPC0800302)
US$ 500.00
In Stock
PRSL0145PE: Cable Sleeve
(Code: IPC0800305)
US$ 40.55
In Stock
PRSL0146PE: Silicone Cable Sleeve
(Code: IPC0800306)
US$ 68.00
In Stock
PRGA0012PE: Hook
(Code: IPC0800307)
US$ 5.50
In Stock
PRSL0074XX: 1NO+1NC / 1NO+1NC Switch
(Code: IPC0800308)
US$ 95.00
In Stock
PRSL3534PI: Red Pilot Light Lens
(Code: IPC0800312)
US$ 47.00
In Stock
PRSL3535PI: Green Pilot Light Lens
(Code: IPC0800313)
US$ 47.00
In Stock
PRSL3542PI: Yellow Pilot Light Lens
(Code: IPC0800314)
US$ 47.00
In Stock
PRSL0073XX: 1no + 1nc / Lamp Holder
(Code: IPC0800315)
US$ 164.55
In Stock
PRSL5557PI: Blanking Plug
(Code: IPC0800319)
US$ 16.95
In Stock
PF02140583: 14 Button SPA (14 x 1 Speed)
(Code: IPC0800322)
US$ 1,182.00
In Stock
PF02160588: 16 Button SPA (16 x 1 Speed)
(Code: IPC0800323)
US$ 1,317.00
In Stock
PF02180426: 18 Button SPA (18 x 1 Speed)
(Code: IPC0800324)
US$ 1,452.00
In Stock
PF02200234: 20 Button SPA (20 x 1 Speed)
(Code: IPC0800325)
US$ 1,587.00
In Stock