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22135G: 90 Amp Galvanized Steel 8-Bar With Connector Pins x 10' (Green)

The original Insul-8 "8-Bar is ideal for hoists, monorails, conveyors, small/medium cranes, tightly curved systems, and other mobile power applications.

*8-Bar conductor bars come equipped with connector pins and cover, already installed.

The 22135 is a 10ft (3.05m) galvanized steel conductor bar. This bar has a rigid green PVC cover that is suitable for 10F to 160F (- 23.3C to 71.1C). This model is rated at 90 Amps.

Required Supports:

Curves: every 3ft (0.91m)

Lateral: every 3ft 4(1.01m)

Standard: every 5ft(1.52m)