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310107-J: 100 Amp Expansion Gap x 4.5m (Orange)
310107-J: 100 Amp Expansion Gap x 4.5m (Orange)

The Safe-Lec 2® series by Insul-8 is the new standard in the overhead crane, monorail, and material handling electrification industry.

This is an expansion section with a splice installed. This section has a standard phase cover (orange), and is rated at 100 Amps. This is to be used at structural expansion joints.

Expansion Sections are used for systems that are longer than492 ft (150m) in order to allow for contraction of the bar as well as thermal expansion.

The maximum gap of the Expansion Section is 2.0” (50 mm).The Expansion Section is 14’ 9” (4.5 m) long and is installed in place of one length of conductor bar.

Safe-Lec 2® Features:

  • IP2 "finger safe” operation; no live parts exposed
  • Bolted Splice that Provides Durability and Longevity
  • Easy System Configuration
  • Positive Tracking
  • Versatile covers