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FC-TR1-BR: 5" SS Trolley Assembly Brass Wheels 3" dia. Nylon Saddle
FC-TR1-BR: 5" SS Trolley Assembly, Brass Wheels, 3" dia. Nylon Saddle

DUCT-O-WIRE’s 14-Gage C-Track Systems are available in stainless steel or galvanized steel, and suitable for either flat or round cable and air hoses. The C-Track can also curve radii from 4’-7’, depending on your systems requirements. The versatility that comes with this system supports your unique applications!

This is a single mounting bolt track anchor assembly without a rectangular nut. One is needed for each cross-arm support bracket for each track run, with 5’ spacing. This trolley has 4 brass ball bearing wheels, cable pad, a standard saddle and hardware.