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FE-1608-2H10XT: 160 Amp Figure Eight Rolled SS / Copper 10 ft Expansion (High Temperature)
FE-1608-2H10XT: 160 Amp - Figure Eight Rolled Stainless Steel I Copper - 10 ft Expansion Gap (High Temperature)

DUCT-O-BARs Figure 8 Electrical Conductor Systems are for overhead cranes, trolleys, monorails, hoists, conveyors, automatic stacker-retrieval systems... and any application that requires a reliable,safe, and economical moving power system.

Duct-O-Wires expansion gap assemblies come equipped with a10ft conductor bar, insulating over, guide assembly, connector pins for one end, 2 power feeds with a hanger set and jumper cable.

This model is a rolled stainless steel copper 10ft expansion gap that comes equipped with a joint cover. This is for an indoor system.

These high temperature systems are to be used in environments that have an ambient temperature that reaches 138C (280F). High temperature systems have a Yellow Polycarbonate Insulating Cover.

  • Rating: 160 Amps
  • Weight: 10.5lbs (4.76kg)