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PF090300750009: Rotary Limit Switch GF4C - Ratio 1 :75 - 2 Slow Switches
The GF4C Rotary Limit Switch is a legacy product intended for installation on existing equipment that was originally fitted with the original GF4C. When you need to fit the original physical window and mounting holes, consider GF4C instead of the newer Fox or Oscar assemblies. Offering slightly more features than PF2C and substantially smaller than the Top rotary limit switch, GF4C is available in revolution ratios from 1:1 through 1:969. 2 through 4 cams can be connected to either PRSL0036XX, a NO + NC snap action contact or PRSL0037XX, a NO slow action switch for safety circuits. Add continuous rotation potentiometers, sector cams, pinion wheels and couplings to create a truly custom rotary limit switch. GF4C micro-switches have a minimum mechanical life of up to 1 million operations. Setup of each cam actuation point is field adjustable and lockable.

PF090300750009 and Microswitch Specifications
- Rated operational current: 3 A
- Rated operational voltage: 250 V
- Connections: screw-type terminals with self-lifting pads
- Switch type: 2 x PRSL0036XX 1NC
- Number and type of cams : 2 x pointed
- Rated revolution ratio: 1:75
- Storage Ambient temperature: -40C/+70C
- Operational Ambient temperature: -25C/+70C
- Cable entry: cable clamp M20
- Certifications: CE - UL - (c)UL