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PF33700100: Rod Limit Switch With Spring Return
PF33700100: Rod Limit Switch With Spring Return

This cross-position limit switch by TER is durable, reliable, and rugged. This model is engineered to control the movement of complex machine tools such as hoists and traverse overhead cranes.

The internal components are comprised with wear resistant materials that ensure superb performance and a long mechanical life. These components are water and dust resistant.

The PF33700100 is an X-FRZ limit switch with a spring return position. This model is equipped with a rod.


  • Opening: Snap action 1NO+1NC switch. Positive opening NC contact for safety functions
  • Mechanical Life: 1 million operations
  • Temperature Resistance: -25C to +70C
  • Certifications: CE - UL - (c)UL

Technical Specifications:

  • Operation Frequency: max. 3600 operations/ hour
  • Rated operational current: 3 A
  • Rated operational voltage: 250 Vac
  • Rated thermal current: 10 A
  • Rated insulation voltage: 300 Vac
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