PFB9067L0016008: Ratio 1:15 - 4 Cams Snap Action FOX Rotary Limit Switch

PFB9067L0016008: Ratio 1:15 - 4 Cams Snap Action FOX Rotary Limit Switch

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PFB9067L0016008: Ratio 1:15 - 4 Cams Snap Action FOX Rotary Limit Switch
PFB9065A0015002: Ratio 1:15 - 4 Cams - Horizontal Assembly FOX Rotary Limit Switch

Fox Rotary Limit Switches are effective alternatives for equipment that might otherwise require encoders for position feedback signals. Fox is a popular pick for industrial overhead cranes or any industrial environment that requires feedback from rotating machinery. This series is also used on wind turbines to control the position of the nacelle or the pitch angle of the blades.

The Fox rotary limit switches offer revolution ratios from 1:3 to 1:2870, allowing for options versus the lower cost Base rotary limit switches. This series can also be equipped with a camset containing up to 5 switches, potentiometers or encoders (Current 4-20mA, Voltage 0-10V orPWM 0-100% options).

The Fox series uses the PRSL0110XX and PRSL0111XX microswitches as well as the PRSL0100XX upon request. These microswitches have screw-type terminals with self-lifting pads.

Operational temperature ranges from-40C to + 80C.Optional accessories include shaft mount pinion gears,flexible input shafts, couplings and flanges.All materials and components used are wear-resistant and guarantee protection of the unit against water and dust. Switches are available with an anti-moisture plug fitted to the base by means of a lock nut, to improve transpiration for the limit switch whilst maintaining protection against water.

Model Specifications:


  • Number of Cams and Switches: 2 x pointed cams and 4 xPRSL0110XX Switches
  • Rated Revolution Ratio: 1:15

General Features:

  • Gear motor which transfers movement through an input reduction stage
  • Accurate adjustment of cams
  • Stainless Steel transmission and gear driving shafts, self-lubricating technopolymer gears
  • Positive Opening NO + NC contacts for safety functions
  • Sintered bronze bushings at base to optimize shaft rotation and prevent rubbing with plastic material

Technical Specifications:

  • Mechanical Life: 1 million operations
  • IP Protection Degree: IP42,IP65 or IP66, IP67 and IP69K
  • Extreme Temp. Resistance: (-40c) -(+80C)
  • Certifications: CE, cURus, EAC
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