310990: 100 Amp Phase Collector (Red)

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310990: 100 Amp Phase Collector (Red)

The Safe-Lec 2® series by Insul-8 is the new standard in the overhead crane, monorail, and material handling electrification industry.

Safe-Lec 2® collectors ensure positive tracking due to its v-contact. The collectors accurately track the conductor bar groove through its wide range of motion, allowing for the shoe to make continuous,superior conductivity with the rail.

This is a 100 Amp phase collector (red). There is a collector shoe shunt wire that is imbedded within the arm of the collector.There is incoming cable that is connected to the terminal lug located at the collectors’ base.

Safe-Lec 2® Features:

  • IP2 "finger safe” operation; no live parts exposed
  • Bolted Splice that Provides Durability and Longevity
  • Easy System Configuration
  • Positive Tracking
  • Versatile covers

Technical Specifications:

  • Curve: 60” min
  • Max Speed: 1,200 feet per minute (365.8meters/minute)
  • Current Capacity: 100 Amps
  • Weight: 0.74lbs (0.78kg)
Refer to this page for installation information.
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