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310993: 100 Amp Phase Shoe and Holder (Red)

The Safe-Lec 2® series by Insul-8 is the new standard in the overhead crane, monorail, and material handling electrification industry.

This is a wear-resistant, durable, copper graphite collector shoe and holder for Safe-Lec 2® 50 Amp and 100 Amp phase collectors. This model has a weight of 0.185lbs (0.08kg).

Collector shoes provide smooth contact with conductor bars. These shoes present reliable electrical continuity.

Safe-Lec 2® Features:

  • IP2 "finger safe” operation; no live parts exposed
  • Bolted Splice that Provides Durability and Longevity
  • Easy System Configuration
  • Positive Tracking
  • Versatile covers