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Festoon Systems available online

festoon systems online

As a leading provider of electrification solutions, Crane Controls stock a full range of Festoon Systems. C-track cable festoon systems are suitable for standard overhead cranes, small gantry cranes, water treatment plants, car wash systems, plating lines and many other types of moving equipment.

✔ Choose from a complete array of trolleys, track, cable, junction boxes, and connectors.

Push button pendants or radio remote controls are available to operate your crane systems.  The c-track festoon components needed for an overhead crane system depend on how the system is to be mounted. The one shown above uses support arms mounted to the top flange of the I-beam. For control systems, choose the type of control trolley you want - Junction Box or Quick-Disconnect -and whether you want to use a push button pendant or radio remote control to operate the crane.

Crane Controls also provide other crane electrification systems including Duct-o-Wire & Insul-8 Conductor Bar Systems. Browse our different sections to find the parts you need.